Q: Can I physically Transform?
A: No, it's biologically impossible to transform into your actual theriotype. However, we are not gonna stop you from trying.

Q: How come some people think they can physically shift?
A: Often times people get led in the wrong direction. They begin to think that they are actually physically transforming into an animal. Most people see it and feel it, but this is actually called Phantom Shifting.

Q: Are we humans?
A: Physically, yes we are humans. Although our spirit, soul, and mind says otherwise. Our DNA is still human.

Q: Can you be a Therian and Otherkin?
A: Yes, you can. Otherkin are more along the lines of Dragons, Fairies , etc. So you can be a mix between two.

Q: How do I know if I'm a therian?
A: Therians know when they're therians. Often the discovery is around the ages 10-16 or whenever puberty starts. It could be sooner or even much later in life. People who are therians have a strong connection to a certain animal; they begin to act like the animal, think like the animal and even dream about being the animal.

Q: Can your theriotype be the opposite sex?
A: Yes, it can. Therianthropy has nothing to do with gender or sexuality, and has no tangible ties to any aspect of LGBQ+ identities.

Q: Why are there so many wolf therians?
A: Wolves are often the poster child for any “were” animals or shifters. This is why many people who dive into therianthropy suspect that the first thing their theriotype may be is a wolf. But even when the majority of these confused therians find their actual theriotype we are still left with quite a few wolves. Wolves used to cover a large range in the world, and then all at once they began to be slaughtered by people. Where else could those souls have gone? There are many humans in the world. Well it makes sense; my wolf soul could not find another wolf body to go into, since there are so few now days. But I'm not even sure if that's why I am here in this body now. It's just a spiritual idea. Psychologically, I suspect that Hollywood and folklore really impacted the human mind.