Psychological Therianthropy

Psychological therians believe that their non-human identity originates either as a result of their brain wiring or of some factor in their mind causing them to adopt a non-human identity. There is no one common theory between psychological therians, and most tend to have their own unique theory regarding their identity.

Common Psychological Theories of the Origin of Therianthropy

  • Imprinting: some therians believe that due to exposure to certain animals as a child they picked up the identity of said animal. However, this doesn't mean that anyone who acts animalistic or is around animals in their youth will adopt a non-human identity.
  • Predisposition: some therians believe that they are born predisposed to adopting a non-human identity, but that the specifics of the identity do not develop until they have matured a bit.
  • Traumatic Event: highly controversial, some therians claim to have adopted a non-human identity as the result of a traumatic incident. Some claim to use it as a coping method, but much of the community claims that this is not actual therianthropy.
  • Complexity Of Human Mind: some therians explain their identity simply with the fact that the human mind is extremely complex and capable of all sorts of strange things.