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Welcome to the Therian Guide.

We are a community of people, joined by our common experience of Therianthropy.

On this site you will find information on the various aspects of therianthropy and the community, including otherkin.

There are many theories held in the community as to the origins of a nonhuman experience as well as how it happens, each individual holding their own beliefs. As of now, there is no solid answer, nor right or wrong; we can only provide what is widely accepted by the community.

This website covers both spiritual and psychological theories, as well as different aspects of therianthropy. Keep in mind that everyone holds different views and other views may differ slightly from the ones shared here but may be the same at their core.

What are you?

We do not claim anything here as fact, only generally accepted knowledge and speculation in the community. There is no central authority on the subject of therianthropy, everything known on the subject to date, amounts to views and opinions of the people experiencing it. The information provided here attempts to summarize some of that for you.

If you are not a therian yourself, but a parent of a one, please look at our Parents page.

Information from this site can't be used without permission. If you would like to use any information on this site for other sites please email us!

If you have questions regarding therianthropy, please do not email us, please refer to our community instead.

Site created on May 23, 2010